But the tech company will also need to provide 4K and 60fps just to keep up with the competition
    Sony is no pushover, especially being that the PlayStation 4 is still at the peak of the market with the regular PS4 console and the PS4 Pro consoles.
    This gaming generation is just about wrapping up from the looks of things,  and Sony will need to bring the next big step in gaming if they wish to keep the PlayStation on the throne.
    Microsoft’s Xbox related console will also bring a slew of new features that will set it apart from the current generation platform, Xbox One and it’s multiple variations.
    It seems as though Nintendo will be in a good position with their Switch console, as it has received dominantly positive reception and has been implementing game titles that usually aren’t in the Nintendo games library.
    All in all, the next console generation is going to smack us in the face whether we expect it or not, and a new report insinuates that the PS5 will have massive upgrades over the PS4, as to be expected.
    The most innovation as leading up into the next console generation, is VR. According to an industry analyst by the name of Michael Pachter, Sony will be further developed in their PlayStation VR product with PSVR2.
    “Whether Sony does it (follows a multiple console strategy), I think they will probably have that 4K and 240 FPS device that’ll support PSVR.” Pachter said to Gamingbolt. 
    “Whether they have a PlayStation Now device that is streaming only, I don’t know.”
    “Maybe there will be two each for PlayStation and Xbox, but I would be surprised if there were more than two, and I’m not sure whether Sony is committed to doing that.”
    More than likely, the new PSVR2 headset will be complimented with a new camera feature and a better controller for performance. The initial PSVR seems to be the testing ground for what’s to come.
    Nothing has been confirmed as it relates to either of those things, however, there is a source (the same source that predicted that Sony would not be attending E3 2019 before the official news) that says that the next VR will just be an upgraded version of the current model.
Fans want to see a PSVR 2 headset announced for the PS5
    “Only thing I can tell right now for specs is Ryzen 8 core, Price is $500.” said the source. The news relates to the PS5 and the PSVR2. “PSVR2, on the other hand, will have no breaker box this time around, it’ll be be inside the console.”
    The reports also come with word that the new PSVR2 will come with better controllers that will have a glove-like interface for Sony to test around with.
    None of the specs have been confirmed, but It’s expected that the PS5 itself will be native 4K and 60fps.
    An interesting conversation on Twitter as it relates to the lack of PlayStation first-party title announcements at The Game Awards this year has has surfaced, as PlayStation’s Shawn Layden had been added into a comment with regards as to why there weren’t any announcements and what is to be expected soon.
    Layden didn’t give much to go off of, as his reply was simply, “See you in the new year.”
    PlayStation fans are thinking about the next level in gaming from Sony, however they haven’t hosted an annual PlayStation experience this year, nor will they be attending E3 with any surprises next year. All that we know is that Sony plans on being active in the community up until they reveal their plans for the next console generation. In the mean time, what PlayStation exclusive will you be looking forward to playing in 2019 the most? Last of us 2? Days Gone? Ghosts Of Tsushima? Let us know!