The Outer Worlds Could Be Fallout’s Competitor?

Obsidian could be on to something special in the making.

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Before The Game Awards,  Obsidian Entertainment hinted at an upcoming title that could be–what players assumed–their next big RPG that could either be, or be a close match to that of their work on the overall praised Fallout: New Vegas. Here today, we have been introduced to their new IP, The Outer Worlds. Now, this goes without say, but Obsidian must have known that the fans of their games would have loved another take of Fallout from them, however, they haven’t spoken anything on the matter.

    The Outer Worlds seems to be another version of Fallout, but with its own vibes and sense of originality. Watching the trailer, you can undoubtedly see the comparisons between this game and Fallout: New Vegas. So, this could perhaps be Obsidian’s answer to all the calls of salvation from fans around.
    Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky arrived on the floor of The Game Awards with high charisma (No Fallout pun intended.) to give us a first inside view into The Outer Worlds.
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   The game takes place in deep space, hence the name, where society almost religiously represent the branding of corporations that have embedded into the culture of people themselves. The game doesn’t seem to have a dark tone like Fallout does, but maybe that’s what Obsidian is counting on? It would be no surprise if the game is as twisted and humorous as ever about it.
    Starting off in The Outer Worlds may ring a bell to a lot of people, as you start off in a pod, capsule-like containment chamber that you, the player, have just been awakened by a scientist who gives you your purpose for the main narrative of the game, however, you can venture off on your own throughout the world to get into any activity you wish. You can make your game changing decisions through dialogue prompts that allow you to agree, lie, bargain, betray, cooperate, or just act plain out stupid. Now, if that doesn’t make you wonder, then I don’t know what else will.
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    From that brief description alone, you may even think of it as a carbon-copy of Fallout. I mean, there just so happens to be ex-Fallout developers working on this game, so I wouldn’t blame you. However, Obsidian has never needed to piggy-back in order to generate fresh ideas, even if there is a sense of familiarity.
    The game features a system that you can invest your character’s development into, much like Fallout’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L, that can change the course of the game drastically if you invest in an area, or oppositely become vulnerable to something that can later on affect your character’s well-being. It even has its own V.A.T.S-like mechanic that doesn’t exactly mimic V.A.T.S, but it does slow time in order to give players the advantages they need to get ahead in combat or stealth situations. That said, Obsidian feels confident about their extensive character and player choices.
    It’s said to have a base of operations that resides on a spaceship, where you can adopt companions to join you on your travels and aid you in conflicts. I’m sure that I don’t have to compare it to Fallout for you to understand it, but this seems to be a game the compiles everything Obsidian has learned from their take on an RPG and world building games. Fallout 76 has been flushed down into a clogged toilet of hate and remorse that then was met with a plunger by Bethesda to take it out of the waste and redeem itself in some kind of way. Obsidian may have taken advantage of this without even realizing it, to gain attention to their new RPG that may just end up rivaling that of Fallout if it gains enough momentum and positive reception.
    What do you think about Obsidian’s new RPG? Check out The Outer World’s trailer below or here on HitPoint!


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