Undoubtedly, Marvel’s Spider-Man has been one of the year’s biggest titles to come out by developer Insomniac Games, however, you can now revisit the game that served as a testing ground for Insomniac Games in the open-world genre, Sunset Overdrive, on PC.
    The game was released in 2014 to great reception, and is one of the most creative, ludicrously fresh worlds in gaming to date. It’s now officially available on the PC, so if if you haven’t already visited the punk-like, grind-n-shoot, chaotic and colorful game that it is known to he, now is a pretty good time to hop on board and start killing hoards of OverCharge Delirium XT induced zombies as you create your desired character and explore a wacky, enjoyable story-line. Traversal across the city is one of the game’s best traits, and it definitely made an impact on Marvel’s Spider-Man, but is far enjoyable on its own.
    You can pick the game up today on Steam and the Windows 10 store, which ever your preference. It will come bundled with the full game, as well as the DLC expansions for $19.99, and if you would like to get it on your Xbox One, it’s available on there for the same price. Get out there and blow stuff up while grinding on everything imaginable today!


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