So, The SouljaGaming Console Is An Actual Thing.

DeAndre Cortez Way, Aka, Soulja Boy has now flexed his way into the console market.

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    Get ready to “Crank that” new console by Soulja Boy that is apparently a real thing. Now, this console isn’t the next best thing since sliced bread, nor is it bringing high-grade gaming graphics or performance like that of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, but it is a nice console for retro-style gaming.
    The console features hardware that has been purposed for emulations of games. The home console version will feature a library of about 800 games, whereas the handheld version will have about 3,000. These iterations will both feature games from PlayStation, NeoGeo, PC, SEGA, Game Boy Advance, and NES.
    As of now, there is no confirmed list of games to be seen. The system itself is just a compilation of games that have no originality as far as the system itself, but more-so just a hub for gaming consoles that he himself may have enjoyed in his youth.
    Anbernic, the manufacturer for these products, may have had some involvement with authorizing a system of this nature, being its an all-in-one. The 28-year old rapper is ecstatic about receiving his very first console purchase, saying that it brought tears to his eyes. Not only that, but he claims that he has already made $250,000 from the console in just 24hrs.
    Call it a scam, or call it genius, but either way, you can purchase a SouljaGaming Console for $105.99 and the handheld for $72.99 on AliExpress, or on Amazon!


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