Red Dead Online Beta Will Have Two Battle Royale Modes!

For Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition owners, the beta is now out and about.
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A full beta is scheduled to released at the end of this month, but with
that said, players on the beta are already trying out the different multiplayer modes that the beta has to provide.
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    One mentioned mode, Make It Count, is considered to be the Battle Royale for Red Dead Online. Make It Count has two separate iterations for its Battle Royale mode that set them apart. The first mode allows for players to use a bow and arrow to kill other players and they can be replenished by taking the bows from your dead enemy’s carcass. The other version allows for players is arguably the same, except there will be throwing knives in place of bows.
    Like with other Battle Royale modes included in games, this will feature a landscape that shrinks over the duration of the match, in order to draw players in and conclude with a final victor.
    In Red Dead Online, players can participate in story-based co-op missions, build camps, and create a posse while exploring a rampant, open-world map that finds endless opportunity. Rockstar has made claims to be updating the beta, and in turn, the full version throughout its life cycle by saying that Red Dead Online will be a “continually expanding experience”.
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    As of now, Rockstar has granted the follow up batch of players to join in on the fun. However, if you started playing the game between the dates of October 26th to October 29th you will have access to the beta on November 29th. As for anyone trudging along after those dates, you’ll have to tag along on November 30th when the beta has its wide release. This kind of schedule allows for Rockstar to flow the traffic of players at a smoother rate while also fixing and taking note of major issues.
You can play Red Dead Online on both the PS4 and Xbox One.


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