Rumors have been floating around ever since the announcement of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s sudden withdrawal of their annual, fan-driven PlayStation Experience event, and also, their disregard of E3 for 2019, that the company has directed their focus on the next console in the PlayStation family, PS5.    Leaked information has been spread throughout the forever active posts of Reddit by a user, RuthenicCookie4, that claims that the company chose to not host PSX or participate in E3 because of their involvement with the PlayStation 5. RuthenicCookie4 is the same source that accurately spoke of the news that Sony will not be making an appearance at E3 2019.
    A show in the middle of 2019 is to be held by Sony that will provide a glimpse of the new console until they host their PlayStation Experience event of 2019, where they then will have a full reveal.
 There’s been word spreading that the PS5 dev kit has already made its way to a lot of the studios, and has generated positive reception based on the specs of the console.
    The console is believed to have a release in 2020. This givea Sony the time needed to release their final batch of PS4 exclusives such as The Last Of Us Part 2, Dreams, Ghost of Tsushima, Day’s Gone, and Death Stranding.
Further evidence has unveiled that Sony patented for a new DualShock controller, supposedly the one that will be used for the PS5, on October 16th. There’s only one detail about the controller that is known, and that is that it will feature a touchscreen instead of a touch-pad. This makes for an interesting advancement of the iconic controller.
    A game is said to be in the works by Square Enix for the PS5 already, according to a Square Enix Employee’s Linkedin page that tells us that this will indeed be a Triple-A release title. This page belongs to a Square Enix , Luminous Productions, employed 3D modeler. Additionally, Square Enix has went on to confirm that Luminous Productions is working on a triple-A title. The game wasn’t specified to be a PS5 game in the beginning, but this is the proof.
 More coverage will will be given about the PS5 as information is revealed.


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