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    As it was announced at TennoCon 2018, Warframe, the free-to-play, third-person shooter-esque online game, is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Originally, the game was developed by Digital Extremes, however, the Nintendo Switch version will be developed by Panic Button, a company with contributions to titles such as Doom, Rocket League, and Wolfenstein 2.
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    There doesn’t seem to be any cross-platform feature for Warframe as of yet, but the game itself on Nintendo Switch is seemingly functioning properly as it has transitioned to the console. The game was originally released in 2013 and has since been updated, improved upon, and has gathered a loyal playerbase. In Warframe, you will play as a race known as Tenno, who are warriors of an ancient race that have inhabited the Warframe armor, and who were awakened from a cryogenic sleep by a guide the Lotus.
    There’s many different types of Warframe to choose from, ranging from currently 35 different variations that give their own specific abilities and traits. You’ll be able to customize and upgrade the Warframe armor as you level up through your quest lines. Clans can be made for those who are looking to expand as a unit.  Warframe is available for download in the Nintendo estore for free. Check the game out today if you own a Nintendo Switch, and or, are looking for a well-developed multiplayer experienced that’s new to the platform!Image result for Warframe


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