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Nintendo Has Beaten PlayStation In Japan!

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    The Nintendo Switch has officially outsold the PS4/PS4 Slim in Japan. The past couple of years have garnered mass appeal for Nintendo’s console, and the craziest part of it all is that the Switch has only been out for 2yrs, whereas the PS4 has been available for 5yrs. The Switch was already been as the fastest selling console in U.S.history, but now it appears to be taking it’s reign across the world.
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  • PlayStation 4 + PlayStation 4 Slim: 6.540.000

  • Nintendo Switch: 6.670.000

    The Switch is leading in sales by a 130,000 units sold margin in Japan, but hasn’t yet rivaled the base PS4 and PS4 Pro combined prices.
    A big contribution to this is the fact that lots of handheld devices have been getting sales in Japan, with the amount of people that are traveling there. I mean the 3DS alone has sold 24 million units.


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