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Microsoft’s Gaming Revenue Surpassed $10 Billion In Mid 2018

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    On Wednesday, Microsoft held a shareholders meeting that’s an annual event for the company. It was there that they’ve reported to have managed to accumulate over $10 billion in gaming revenue by June 30th, within fiscal 2018. Over 57 million users with monthly activity on Xbox live has been noted into the statistics as well.
    Microsoft added that they are striving for an “expansive opportunity, from the way the games are created and distributed to how they’re played and viewed.” They’re making it a sole purpose to advance in their gaming division by chipping much more into their community of gamers, accessible cloud services, and the kind of products they release. They’ve strengthen their ties with seven gaming studios, with a couple critically acclaimed ones such as the “Fallout: New Vegas” developer Obsidian Entertainment and the “Wasteland” developer inXile Entertainment.
    Gaming has been difficult in terms of being comfortable when it relates to those of us with disabilities. Microsoft displayed their new Xbox Adaptive Controller that was made for this purpose especially, so that gamers of those conditions could have less of a stressful life, as they’ve previously had to do these things manually.
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    The spokesman, Solomon Romney, has said “With the Xbox Adaptive Controller, we simplified all that by creating a hub that is easy to use, affordable for all gamers, flexible to all setups and available through our Microsoft stores,” he continued “We really see this as a beginning of a new era in inclusive design.”
    “I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in the past fiscal year as we innovate and help our customers with their digital transformation journey,”  Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella stated,  “And I’m even more optimistic about our tremendous opportunity that lies ahead. We’re living in a very crucial time in history where the impact of digital technology on every part of our daily lives and work, and that every aspect of our society and economy is even more acute. It’s therefore incumbent on us as industry leaders to ensure that the technology we build always creates more opportunity. Too often we celebrate technology disruption without reflecting on the unintended consequences. What the world needs is technology that benefits people and society more broadly and where trust is earned each day.”
    In their event, Microsoft also spoke about their Xbox Game Pass, a service that thrives on monthly subscription fees, but they also spoke about Project xcloud, a serive that’s future is said to be able to grant quality experience on all devices to the gamers. They feel confident that their Xbox Game Pass service will helped them reach an audience of 2 billion gamers and beyond.
The company has stated “We’re building a service that is consistent with the speed and high fidelity that gamers expect on their PCs and their consoles.”
    Microsoft is revolving in both their products and numbers, as they’ve made a gaming revenue increase of over 14%, thus rocketing them to $110 billion. A better future for gaming lies within Microsoft in some way or another, so let’s just keep an open mind about what’s to come.


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