This just in, a report has been made about the sudden lack of a physical disc drive for the newer Xbox One console that is set to release in 2019. According to a report made by Thurrott, the new console will be a more budget-friendly one, giving the price of about $200 or so. The decision was made in order to have an Xbox One console that has a lower cost, so that consumers could have more options when purchasing a console.

Mention of a “Disc-to-Digital” program has also been stated by Thurrott. The program will apparently convenience players who wish to trade their physical copies for digital copies at participating retailers.

As once provided by Thurrott, the newer Xbox console that currently goes by the code-name of “Scarlett” will not be apart of this new plan for digital-only for the Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 has been ahead with sales, due to cheaper price-points and exclusive bundles, so this method of console marketing could be just what Microsoft needs to propel their sales ratio for the year of 2019. The only other concern for the console is storage related.

Microsoft has already released versions of the console with a variety of storage space from 500GB to 2TB. Whether or not the digital-only console will have an affect on the overall performance of the system has yet to be determined, but players of the platform will inevitably need an internet connection if you wish to have newer games. That is, if you don’t purchase them digitally from over-the-counter it seems.

Thurrott has also said that the Xbox One console will be getting a newer, cheaper, and updated version that will ,in fact, have a disc drive. How do you feel about the digital-only console? Will it be your next console of choice? Let’s see how the new console will fare once new information is released.


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