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    Insomniac Games saved many fans from years of oppression for our favorite web-head in their title, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Since release, the game has made a ridiculous amount of success, and also holds the title of PlayStation’s greatest selling exclusive to date.
    For some, the game is considered to be their 2018 game of the year. The stand-alone game was met will positive reviews and scores across the board, and now Insomniac Games are releasing their episodic DLC in The City That Never Sleeps bundle.
    Their second release for this DLC, Turf Wars, was released on Tuesday, November 20th. Just as the previous release from the DLC bundle, The Heist, the newer released Turf Wars will gives players more content. You can expect to have new missions, new challenges, new bases, new crimes, new suits, and new trophies to earn. The suits that will be available in this drop are the Spider-Armor, the Spider Clan, and the original Iron Spider suit.
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    The DLC’s story will be a continuation of The Heist DLC, where players encountered Felicia Hardy, Black Cat, but will this time formally be introduced to the crime boss known as Hammerhead. Image result for Marvel's Spider-Man Turf wars
    There is already gameplay avaiblabe to see so that you can check the DLC out for yourself if you are thinking of buying it. Turf wars will be up for purchase separately for the price of $9.99, but will be free of charge if you already purchased The City That Never Sleeps bundle.


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