Kingdom Hearts 3, before officially being confirmed, has been an ongoing myth among-st fans globally due to the fact that the game has taken so long to release a third installment of the franchise. This is also the case with the briefly teased Final Fantasy 7 remake that surprised the crowd of E3 in 2015.
    Though, fans need not worry because Square Enix has their focus on the release of the definitely vast Kingdom Hearts 3, before they delve into the full scale of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Square Enix’s Game Director, Tetsuya Nomura, has told to fans through Siliconera, “Perhaps not everyone is aware of this, but I am working on a remake of Final Fantasy 7,” He laughed at his remake before continuing to say “I’m focusing on Kingdom Hearts 3 at the moment, but once that’s done, I’ll be heading over there next.”
    Nomura gave tidbits of other information as it relates to content from the Final Fantasy 7 remake being used for upcoming game projects.
    “I’ve been thinking about idea for the remake’s release, and just spoke with producer Yoshinori Kitase about it today,” he continues by saying “We have a lot of old guys thinking about all kinds of developments that can accompany the remake in some form.” Nomura urged fans to, for the time being “wait for Final Fantasy 7’s return”.
    The game has been kept in silence for the majority of the time that we’ve known about it, hence 2015, and has had no verifying evidence to prove if it will be making a debut for the PS4 console of any sort.  
     Kingdon Hearts 3 has been the primary focus of the company, as recently they’ve shown off gameplay in the world of Tangled, accompanied by much more information . The gameplay indicates all of the things fans know and love about Sora as he battles with his Drive Forms, and also Attraction Flow attacks.
    Kingdom Hearts 3 is set for a 2019 release, however, the Final Fantasy remake is under lock and key until further notice.  Are you excited to finally play through a new adventure with Sora? Do you think the Final Fantasy 7 remake will make an appearance during this dwindling console generation?


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