Telltale Games, the studio behind the narrative driven gaming titles such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Batman, and others, is unfortunately going to be closing down. The source of GamingDaily tells us that the company is in am ever-going state of decline and is requiring the help of another company known as Sherwood Partners, in order to assist with the retirement of Telltale Games.
    GamingDaily has been told by the Co-founder of Telltale Games, Martin Pinchinson, that Sherwood Partners would be responsible for the assets of the company. To bring further distraught, the employees at Telltale Games will be losing their health benefits by November 30th.
    This news is to no true surprise, being that Telltale Games has been understaffed for a couple of months now, as employees were laid off, and the burden of the company has been held on to by just a small team of remaining employees.
    Telltale Games’ series of The Walling Dead has not yet met it’s conclusion, but due to the recent closure of the company, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s studio, Skybound, has taken the mantle of the Telltale Games franchise to complete and release episode 3 and 4.
    On that note, Telltale Games has had their games removed from Steam as a result of their soon to be ghosted company. Could there we hope for Telltale Games in another time? Do you think the The Walking Dead will be concluded properly as a result of this?


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