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Dreams Beta Available For Sign Up Now!

 Dream away, my friend. Dream away…
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As of now, you’re able to sign up for Media Molecule’s public beta. Your PSN ID, name, email address and acceptance of the beta’s agreement will be necessary to partake, however, signing up doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have access to the game says Sony.
    Media Molecule  hosted a livestream event that showcased about the game on January 4th. Image result for Dreams ps4
    The Dreams Creator Beta was a testing ground for those who had been subscribed for Media Molecules online mailing list back in December, however, their goal is to essentially open the beta up and expand its reach starting January 8th.
    The main aspect of the beta will be Dreams’ creator mode that is focused on the creation of things, rather than anything else for players to get a feel for some of the tools for world building. A mode known as the Dream Surfing mode allows players to explore other worlds created within the community, but this mode won’t be available.
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    Little Big Planet is a game loved by many, created by the British studio for the PS3 platform. Dreams is a game that will seemingly leave nothing to the imagination of its players, its creators that will allow for more control over the creating capabilities.
    The toolkit was announced back in 2013, and Media Molecule has since been releasing news about the game as their development phase progressed. The game is speculated for release this year as well. Back in November, Media Molecule released a recreation version of the Little Big Planet opening mission within Dreams. Check it out below!


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