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Black Ops 4 New Update 1.10 And Patch Notes!

Treyarch has revealed update 1.10 that will be coming to Black Ops 4 on Ps4 and Xbox One later on today, but on PC at a later time all together (Within this week surely). The update will cost you roughly 10.9GB on the PS4 and 14.3GB on the Xbox One. Which, for the Xbox One, this update will introduce Operation Absolute Zero, a holiday event for Blackout, and a suprise for the zombies mode as well.

Here you can read the descriptions for the patches from Treyarch themselves or just view the patch notes entirely below :

Treyarch Descriptions

Operation Absolute Zero has arrived on Xbox One and PC, granting all players free access to a huge new season of content:
Multiplayer: Zero, Black Ops 4’s new Specialist armed with the EMP Disruptor grenade and Ice Pick hacking tool.
Blackout: The debut of Hijacked, the new ARAV armored vehicle, and new IX Zombies Character Missions.
Black Market: 100 new Tiers of earnable loot, including new MP weapons, Blackout characters, Mastercrafts, Epic Outfits, Reactive Camos, Weapon Camos, and more.
And for Black Ops Pass holders on Xbox One and PC, we’ve got exciting new game content in all three modes:
Two new Multiplayer maps: Elevation and Madagascar.
Dead of the Night, an all-new Zombies experience starring Kiefer Sutherland, Helena Bonham Carter, Brian Blessed, and Charles Dance.
Black Ops 3 fan-favorite Reaper joins the cast of Blackout.
In today’s update to Multiplayer, we’ve implemented our first balancing pass on Zero, our new Specialist. As with all new features in Black Ops 4, we’ve been paying close attention to how Zero plays into the overall Multiplayer experience and have tuned some of her abilities accordingly. This includes an increase in the time it takes to earn her Ice Pick, varying increases to the time it takes her to hack Scorestreaks and Torque’s Barricade, preventing her hacks from freezing enemy healing cooldowns, and more. Take a look at the full patch notes below for the full list and let us know what you think.
We’ve also updated our MP Featured playlists, including the new Half-Off Heist on all platforms, Map Pack Moshpit for Black Ops Pass holders, and Mercenary Objective Moshpit for our lone wolves.
This week also brings new updates to Blackout, including…
Blackout Custom Games
In Blackout Custom Games, players can start a private match to explore the map at their own pace and practice Blackout with teams of friends. As we mentioned in last Friday’s update, Custom Games in Blackout will initially support a max player count of 12 – this is planned to grow over time as we evaluate player engagement, and we’re already planning expanded feature support over time.
Blackout Custom Games will support private matches in Solos, Duos, and Quads, as well as full character customization and Weapon Camo support (coming tomorrow!). Blackout Custom Games will be online-only to ensure all matches are always up-to-date.
Audio Improvements
Today’s new audio improvements in Blackout are focused on vehicles. We’ve lowered the volume of the Supply Drop plane to ensure players can hear more of the in-game action while the plane is overhead, and vehicle engines can now be heard more reliably when several other sounds are playing. The ARAV can also now be heard from farther away to help prevent surprise ambushes. Yes, we’ve seen the footage.
Specialist Unlocks and Outfit Rewards
Starting today on PS4, we’ve unlocked all Specialist characters in Blackout without requiring players to track down and complete their Character Missions, to ensure all players can play as the Specialist of their choice. For those players who’ve already put in the time to unlock their Specialists the old-fashioned way, we’ve got a special new Blackout-exclusive outfit reward for you called “The Numbers”, which we think you’re going to love. Players can also earn this outfit for each character by finding and completing these missions, which are now called Outfit Unlocks, after today’s update. And of course, more new characters are on their way to Blackout in the near future.
Contraband Stashes
Contraband Stashes are also new today in Blackout on PS4. These are new types of Supply Stashes that you’ll find throughout the world, which can contain the new Secret Santa and Slay Bell melee weapons from the Black Market. Ho ho hooooly sh*t, they’re deadly!
Weapon Camos and Armor Tuning This Week
We’ve got more Blackout updates planned for this week, including Weapon Camo support and tuning to Armor durability and Armor Plates (currently in playtesting). Keep an eye on the subreddit for more details soon.
In Zombies, we’ve implemented a new round of gameplay improvements across all maps and a handful of stability fixes to help smooth out some of the remaining bumpiness players might have experienced. While we believe the vast majority of lingering Zombies stability issues have been eliminated with this update, we’re always investigating further ways to deliver an even smoother experience in future patches. If you’re still experiencing a crash in Zombies after this update, please let us know in the comments below with details on what was happening in-game at the time of the crash.
Finally, we’re happy to introduce an accessibility feature that we’ve been planning for a while: the new Auto Sprint option will allow players to double-click their controller’s left stick to automatically sprint in Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies. Players can enable this setting under Controls in the Options menu.

New in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 today (for Xbox and PC)

New Specialist – Players can reprogram the flow of combat with Zero, a new Specialist available in both Multiplayer and Blackout modes. Zero can disrupt and distract enemies with powerful hacking, altering the flow of battle.
New Black Market Gear – Operation Absolute Zero brings a brand-new Assault Rifle and fast-firing SMG to the Black Market which players can unlock by playing through Contraband Tiers. Plus, fans can collect new tactical outfits, personalisation accessories, new characters to use in Blackout, and special gift-wrapped melee weapons – all in time for the holidays.
New Festive Holiday Event – After Operation Absolute Zero arrives, the holidays will come to Blackout with special event tiers of seasonal items to unlock, thematic map decorations, and even throwable snowballs in Blackout that allow players to mount a festive assault on their enemies.
New Zombies Features – Daily Callings provide new gameplay challenges that reward Zombies players with bonus XP and Nebulium Plasma upon completion, the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system gives players the ability to verify and share the results of their game online with a personalized code generated at the end of each match, along with Daily Tier Skips for Zombies, which allow players to earn Black Market Tier progression bonuses by playing Zombies each day.
• Balance tuning for Zero
• Custom Games in Blackout
• Half Off Heist Featured Playlist
• Operation Absolute Zero (Xbox One/PC)
• Holiday Event in Blackout (Xbox One/PC)
• Winter Calling in Zombies (Xbox One/PC)
Discussing more about the changes to Zero, players were told to expect doubled hacking times with Treyarch outlined on a Reddit post on the 16 December.
“We have a first-round balancing pass for Zero incoming Tuesday, including an update to double her hack time for all Scorestreaks and quadruple it for the Gunship, among other tweaks.
“Thanks for your continued feedback — as with all new features, we’re paying close attention to how Zero is playing relative to the rest of the Multiplayer experience and tuning accordingly. Stay tuned for more details in our next Reddit update, and in the meantime, keep the feedback coming!”


The following updates are now available on PS4, with other platforms to follow:
Character Unlocks
All Specialist characters unlocked in Blackout.
Character Missions are now Outfit Unlocks, which reward “The Numbers” outfits for each Specialist when completed (and automatically reward the outfit for Character Missions that were already completed).
Contraband Stash
Added limited-time Contraband Stashes, which give access to the Slay Bell and Secret Santa melee weapons.
The following updates will be included in the 1.10 update on all platforms:
Featured Playlists
Half-Off Heist added to Featured category.
Half-priced items in the Buy menu (Scorestreaks excluded).
Blackjack’s Gun Game added to Featured category.
Gun Game with 3 new Operation Absolute Zero weapons added to rotation.
Map Pack Moshpit added to Featured category for Black Ops Pass holders.
Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint on Elevation and Madagascar maps only.
Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit added to Featured category.
6v6 Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, no parties allowed.
Mercenary Objective Moshpit added to Featured category.
Control, Search and Destroy, Heist, and Domination, no parties allowed.
Increased amount of time it takes to earn the Ice Pick.
Increased time required to hack UAV, Care Package, and Counter UAV.
Greatly increased time required to hack Sentry, Drone Squad, Sniper’s Nest, Mantis, Thresher, Attack Chopper, and Gunship.
Increased time required to hack Torque’s Barricade.
Hacking an enemy no longer prevents their healing cooldown.
Hacking an enemy Assault Pack now causes it to expire.
Closed an exploit that would allow the TAK-5 to boost players to higher health levels than intended.
Addressed an issue that would allow cash to be deposited after the round ended.
Cash deposit can now continue while the player controls a Scorestreak.
Cooking a Frag Grenade until it detonates and kills the player now correctly removes the Frag Grenade from the player’s inventory.
Addressed an issue with Best Play including kills from other players not featured.
Score is now rewarded for manually destroying a Trophy System.
Reactive Camos
Unwrapped Reactive Camos can now be equipped on any weapon that has the Gold Camo unlocked.
Killathon Reactive Camo now progresses with kills instead of kills without dying.
Rampage Reactive Camo now progresses by achieving rapid kills or better instead of escalating killstreaks.
Vanguard Reactive Camo now progresses by achieving rapid objective kills instead of objective kills within 5 seconds.
Living On Edge
Addressed an issue where this Challenge was progressing on every kill in Hardcore.
Custom Games
Addressed an issue where Bots would not capture zones in Madagascar or Elevation.
Stability – Fixed crashes that could occur:
When a Zero player attempted to hack multiple enemy items.
When a Zero player hacked a Barricade that was about to expire.
When viewing a Hellstorm strike through CODCaster.
Addressed an issue with Kill Counters on picked-up weapons advancing when the original owner gained kills.
Addressed an issue where hacking a Care Package and then booby-trapping it would not leave a booby-trapped Care Package.
Addressed an issue where hacking Mesh Mines multiple times could result in their team colors not changing.
Custom Games
Custom Game support added to Blackout.
Maximum of 12 players per match.
Play in Solos, Duos, or Quads.
Includes full character customization support.
Online only to ensure each Custom Game is up-to-date.
Audio Improvements
Lowered the volume of the Supply Drop plane.
Players will now hear the ARAV’s engine from farther away.
Vehicle engine sounds can now be heard more reliably when several other sounds are playing simultaneously.
Map Improvements
Improved mantling points at Hijacked to make it easier to enter from the water.
Improved door placements at Hijacked.
Improved interactivity with new elevator buttons at Hydro Dam.
Improved some interior lighting for better visibility.
Addressed clipping at Snowball spawn points.
ARAV should no longer explode when riding it down the elevator at Construction Site.
Global – Addressed issues:
That allowed players to access and use custom rules in an online private match.
Where the explosion from Victorious Tortoise could result in Zombies no longer attacking the player.
Where players that stood under the effect of the Scepter of Ra’s Level 3 ability could have increased health regeneration for the rest of the match.
Where Equip Mint would not restore equipment past 1 equipment charge.
In the Armory where the Clan Tag and Kill Counter were not visible after attaching.
Where the Laser Sight attachment on the Hades would pulse colors when Pack-a-Punched.
Dead of the Night
Closed a number of exploits where players could jump on objects near the Forest Entrance and the East Stairway.
Addressed several art issues with the Pack-a-Punch Camo on weapon attachments for certain weapons.
Addressed an issue with endless spawning of the Werewolf with certain Custom Mutations settings set.
Addressed an animation issue with the Crimson Nosferatu when using the Scepter of Ra as it spawned.
Addressed a rare issue that caused player animations to get stuck as if bitten by the Crimson Nosferatu after killing one at the start of its bite attack with Alistair’s Annihilator.
IX – Addressed issues:
Where some of the shields in IX appeared smaller than usual.
Where kills with a charged shot from a Serket’s Kiss did not count as Pack-A-Punched weapon kills toward challenges or Callings.
Where flame FX persisted after the Brazen Bull exploded from using Victorious Tortoise.
Voyage of Despair – Addressed issues:
Where zombie pathing stopped working properly in the Galley / Promenade Starboard Deck.
Causing the Pack-a-Punch paintings to be fully revealed in Custom Mutations when using certain settings.
Closed multiple exploits where the player could use the Ragnarok DG-5 to jump onto various objects.
Addressed a visual issue with character and enemy shadows when electric traps were active.
Global – Fixed crashes that could occur:
When using Electric Cherry with certain weapons.
If a player disconnected while taking Shield damage.
When a Water Catalyst zombie respawned.
When several enemies would “ragdoll” upon death at the same time.
Dead of the Night – Fixed crashes that could occur:
When playing in splitscreen during the Main Quest.
When Pack-a-Punching a customized ICR-7.
Blood of the Dead – Fixed crashes that could occur:
During the escort step in the Main Quest.
When The Warden spawned on the roof.
Auto Sprint
Auto Sprint added to Options under Controls (applies to all modes). When enabled, double-click the left stick to automatically sprint throughout all actions. Pull back on the stick to cancel.


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